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ethics - working in a brothel

Health & Safety:


• Ladies must undergo a licensed medical doctor's physical exam, and obtain a certification of health, prior to starting work.  A follow-up exam is required on a weekly basis to maintain certification.  Current exam prices:  $90-first exam, $70-next three visits.

• Giving out personal information, such as telephone numbers or address is prohibited.  Clients can contact you through the brothel at any time.

• Contractors must be clean - no drugs (other than prescription).

• License will be obtained from Sheriff with a picture & prints. You must be clear of warrants.

• Girls will live on-site, rent free, but REQUIRED to purchase groceries.  Leaving for any lengthy time, unless accompanied by a "House pre-approved" out-call client or a Madam, will result in a mandatory physician re-certification of health.

​• Girls may NOT enter the private room of other contractors UNDER ANY    CIRCUMSTANCE.   There are two lounges available.

​• No family members or men, other than clients, may visit the brothel.

contractors will not enter private rooms of other contractors

Standard Ethical Practices:


• We hire only documented individuals.  Immigrants, while desired, must have a green card and passport with VISA.

• All staff members are Independent Contractors, and as such will set their own hours and rates, and are responsible for any due Federal Income Taxes.  There is no State income tax.  Contractors are free to leave at any time for approved time off work. Re-certification of health will be required upon return.

• All earnings will be split 50%/50% with the House.  You may be asked to reimburse the house $100 weekly for groceries and supplies.

• To qualify, you must be able to make men happy.  Servicing clients is our main goal.

• Arrive for work with only two suitcases - one with evening gowns for out-call entertaining, and one with suitable attire for in-house.  Enticing lingerie will be worn in common areas.  Be ready to work at a moments notice.

• Drunken behavior or bad language is not permitted, and a well groomed appearance will always be presented in public.  Living quarters will be kept clean.

• Personal, sexual relationships with any other contractors or management will not be expected, or tolerated.

• Present a polite, compassionate, and happy personality.  Your personal life & problems must be kept to yourself.

• You may build your own customer base.

• Read our "Menu of Services".  You may provide additional pleasure services to clients at your discretion.   You are not asked to do anything against your will, and may refuse any service at any time.  

• ​A broad selection of sexual pleasures, will enhance your ability to make a great deal of money long term!

• Be Honorable and Loyal with a Positive personality.

Existing Laws of Mineral County:


• Legal age of prostitution is 18 or over

• Legal age of drinking, or being in a bar area is 21

• Contractors must maintain an up-to-date physician's clean health certification prior to entertaining

• Contractors must be Licensed with Mineral County Sheriff's Department

• Condoms must be worn during sexual activity

As in any working environment, It is up to you to "know your rights and responsibilities"!

Wild Cat Brothel is a legal, licensed house of prostitution in Mineral County, State of Nevada in the USA.  It is a professional business, not only dedicated to the highest standards and service to our clients, but to our contractors as well. Safety and Health are of the utmost concern, without which we would not exist.​  All of our contractors and clients are invited to notify management of any perceived hazard or known regulation violation.

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